Teach Kids Art Stuff


Whether you are a new teacher needing help with students art lessons; an experienced teacher searching for practical classroom art & craft activities or ideas to add to your toolbox; you run kids art classes; or you’re a parent with a child who likes making art and craft projects, this resource is for you.

From the Creator of Top 50 Drama Games comes Top 50 Art Activities focuses on easy creative craft activities and fun kids art projects. It offers plenty of practical teaching resources, intended to go straight from the page to the classroom, cutting down your preparation and stress time.

Whats Inside,

  • 50 plus lessons already planned for you
  • 50 guaranteed popular art activities
  • Further extension ideas
  • Easy to photocopy examples and pictures
  • Simple tactics to ensure success
  • Activities to link in with other studies
  • Adaptable for older or younger kids
  • How to make cheap gifts and projects
  • Stress free art classes/ activities
  • Tasks for relief teachers
  • Fill in activities if you have spare time

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