Teach Kids Drama Stuff

A Practical Teacher's Resource Kit Filled With Drama Games Plus Added Lists, Picture Cards And Activities. From the creator of Teach Kids Art Stuff, "Celia Pennay"

“If only I had owned this kit when I started teaching drama all those years ago. I would have saved so much time! There would have been no lessons that flopped, no hours spent trying to find examples on the Internet, no last minute stresses when I’d finished something early and still had 30 minutes to kill. This is exactly the kind of resource I always searched for and wished was on the market. “

Celia Pennay

What's Inside,

  • 50 plus lessons already planned for you
  • 50 guaranteed popular drama games
  • Resource lists for many activities
  • Easy to photocopy cards and pictures
  • Simple tactics to ensure success
  • Activities to link in with other studies
  • Adaptable for older or younger kids
  • How to make cheap costumes/ puppets
  • Stress free drama classes/ activities
  • Tasks for relief teachers
  • Fill in activities if you have spare time

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